one group, 2 men, 4 music videos, 4 singles, 1 album, 1 upcoming single and lots of feels.

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D-5: 5 days until Leeteuk’s Return \(◕ω◕✿)/

"Loving someone is..not about race, age, and skin color. It’s Just about both of you feeling happiness and love. Then aren’t we in love? Always thankful and I love you..^^"

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How to make friends 101





1.) Send them anon messages saying ‘expand dong’ for about a week
2.) Ask if they want to know who u are
3.) Tell them anyway
4.) BOOM! Friendship

Thank u to kilimanjunko for teaching me this method
I hope you all make many friend

I’ve got two ‘expand dong’ messages since this

I got one^-^

let’s expand all our friendships like we expand our dongs

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baek defeated by a girl once again (ft. chanyeol laughing at him)

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Celebrating the summer that i kinda hate :,D here’s sunny baby god jongin euehuehe~~

reference here

(Also if anyone’s interested please check out my post about commissions ; u ;)

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honey, I don’t think that’s how speakers work …

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while Baekhyun fears for his Byun Jr., Luhan just chills on Zitao’s crotch~
(I’m sure this game would be easier & more entertaining if you guys turn your heads the other way around)

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it should be iLLEGAL for you to look this goodಥ_ಥ